Apartment near Nova Wiener Metro Station

Novena, 诺维娜
Apartment near Nova Wiener Metro Station: One existing master bedroom for rent: Extra large: One person 1200 No rooms available: Entire home for a few people as door-to-door limited: Welcome singles: Professionals: Oversized: Mali is his 323 meat bone tea upstairs: existing boys girls bed rental: 4 Rooms: common room four rooms: water power network air conditioning: Mali is he near the Temple of the Borg emperor: Belle Palais apartment: 4 people: 2 girls bed rental: There is a small studio rental: a 500 people 600: can report Address: near Novena subway station: Tan Tock Seng hospital: downstairs bus stop: convenient transportation: water network: you can cook: 98449120 ::: 83244444, near Kalab Park MRT Station Exit B :: Bachelor and Bachelor Student Rental Beds ::: 98449120 ::: 83244444